The advantages of building a new home in Perth

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Do you dream of building a new home in Perth? What are the benefits of building your own home? Should you buy a house and land package in a new housing estate, purchase a property in an established area and knock down the existing home, or stay where you are and build on your existing property? Scroll down for Christine’s top tips when it comes to building a new home in Perth.

The benefit of building a new home

One obvious benefit of building your dream home is that you can customise it according to your specific needs and design requirements. You can choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size and flow of living areas, whether you need a home office or kid’s play area, the choices are endless.  Additionally, you use environmentally friendly building options and energy-saving technology.

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Knockdown rebuild versus house and land packages

With everyone situation being a unique one, there is not a simple answer to the question of whether to buy an established home or build a new one. It’s really one of personal choice based on lifestyle and budget.

Each option has pros and cons, benefits and disadvantages.  We have outlined below our top tips that buyers should consider in their decision-making process.

Buying a new house and land package

Competition between building companies and developers in Perth can lead to pricing advantages for buyers in Perth.

The range of incentives being offered by building companies and developers in a bid to get your business can be very enticing. Additionally, they may throw in other incentives to get you over the line.  This may include air conditioning, solar panels, landscaping, blinds, etc.

Turnkey house and land packages offer many benefits to buyers.  It really is a case of “what you see is what you get”.  There are no unexpected or additional costs as everything is included in the initial, fixed-price contract signed with the builder.

If you’re selling an existing property to purchase a new house and land package then you’ll have costs associated with the property sale (e.g. real estate agent fees, legal costs, etc).

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Buying and demolishing an existing house

Another option is to buy an existing house and land and then demolish the home.

The availability of land in your dream suburb will vary dramatically depending upon the supply and demand of property in the area.

When land is scarce or you have your heart set on living in a specific area, there can be no other option but to purchase a property and demolish the existing house.

This option can be more expensive as it involves the costs involved in the purchase process (stamp duty, etc) and then demolition costs, building and planning permits. Additionally, if you’re selling an existing property to purchase a new house and land package then you’ll have costs associated with the property sale (e.g. real estate agent fees, legal costs, etc). 

Demolishing your own home

If you already own a property, there is also the option of demolishing your existing house and building anew.

This option will involve significant savings as you won’t have expenses involved in the selling and purchasing process (eg. real estate fees, legal costs, stamp duty, etc).

More information

If you have any questions about knockdown rebuild versus buying a house and land package in Perth, don’t hesitate to contact Christine directly.

Christine Young is a twenty-year survivor of the Real Estate industry in Western Australia and yet, to this day, has lost none of her enthusiasm and energy in striving for that next project that next sale.  Over the decades, Christine has built up an impressive list of successful land sales throughout Perth and surrounding regions.  Christine makes herself available to the public and prospective clients at all times and welcomes direct contact with the public in a one-on-one situation to foster trust and confidence.

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